Bonnie Hilton Green’s OMG! moment came in 2015, but her idea for top-quality, easily digestible magnesium in tasty, single-serving packets has been generations in the making.

Over half a century ago, Bonnie’s grandfather was at the forefront of packaging powders (think puddings, sweeteners) for single-serve convenience. A generation later, her mom evolved the business, inventing FDA-approved, individualized powdered electrolyte treatments for dialysis patients. After Bonnie’s mom passed away from an Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) drug in 2013, Bonnie read all she could about the condition, and that’s when she learned about the incredible benefits of magnesium — specifically magnesium glycinate.

Magnesium is not only essential for heart health, it is also vital to help the body with sleep, bone health, stress, immunity, muscle cramping, and other bodily processes. But it was difficult to get high-quality, high-absorption, tummy-friendly magnesium without swallowing a bunch of pills or guessing how much unappealing powder to scoop out of a jug. That was Bonnie’s aha! moment. The nutritional stars aligned, and OMG! Nutrition was born.

Bonnie is certain her mom and grandfather would approve. And she’s ready to help others experience the power of this superhero supplement.


Bonnie Hilton Green Founder and CEO
Robyn Mait Levine Director of Brand Development
Samantha Cassetty Chief Nutrition Officer

Joanne LoPinto Marketing Consultant


Holly Bayne Regulatory Expert
Leslie J. Bonci Sports Nutritionist
Tony Ricci Sports Nutritionist

Suzanne Steinbaum Cardiologist
Colleen Webb Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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