Over half a century ago, my grandfather was at the forefront of packaging single-serve powder packets (puddings, sweeteners). My mom later evolved the business - inventing FDA-approved, powdered electrolyte packets for dialysis patients. I now run this company, Edlaw Pharmaceuticals.

After my mom passed away from an atrial fibrillation (Afib) drug in 2013, I researched heart health, and discovered the incredible benefits of magnesium.

Magnesium is not only essential for heart health, it’s also crucial for reducing our stress and getting a good night’s sleep. But the magnesium category desperately needed a makeover. The category leaders are dated, tired-looking brands. And it was difficult to find high-absorption, stomach-friendly magnesium without gulping down large pills or less-than-tasty drink mixes.

After discovering this white space, I went to work developing OMG! Nutrition’s proprietary formula and building a magnesium-focused women’s wellness brand that breaks through the supplement sea-of-sameness.



Bonnie Hilton Green Founder and CEO
Robyn Mait Levine VP, Brand Development
Samantha Cassetty Chief Nutrition Officer

Billy Collins Business Development


Holly Bayne Regulatory Expert
Leslie J. Bonci Sports Nutritionist
Tony Ricci Sports Nutritionist

Suzanne Steinbaum Cardiologist
Colleen Webb Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Terry Cralle R.N.

By Professionals, For Professionals

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